PROJECTS > ASIABefore and since 9/11, Asian nations have been grappling with domestic insurgencies and terrorism challenges.  The growth of the Taliban across South Asia has lead to regular, almost daily, vicious attacks on  infrastructure and community groups.  In South East Asia, militants have attacked hotels, bars and other areas where high concentrate of civilians might be found, and areas of Western interest.  The subsequent efforts by states to counter this threat has overwhelmed the capacity of national law enforcement and justice institutions to cope, undermining access to justice and the rule of law.

The IcSP currently has the following activities underway responding to the challenges of countering terrorism and violent extremism in Africa:

South East Asia

  • In South East Asia, a 2 M€ project supports regional and national capacity in Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Philippines and Vietnam to counter terrorism and undertake related regional cooperation.

South Asia

  • The IcSP works to improve the ability of Punjabi agencies to successfully investigate, prosecute, convict and detain terrorists, through a project of 1.8 M€, supporting the national capacity to fight terrorism and organised criminal networks. Additional support of 2.5M€ is foreseen in 2016.
  • A 5 M€ project on countering violent extremism and radicalisation started in October 2014. The specific objective of this component is to reinforce Government, media and civil society capacities in Pakistan to countering violent radicalization at provincial and federal level.

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