Council Conclusions on EU External Action on Counter-terrorism:

1. The Council reiterates its strong and unequivocal condemnation of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, committed by whomever and for whatever purpose. Terrorism constitutes one of the most serious threats to international peace and security. The Council is appalled by the heinous terrorist attacks that have taken place all over the world, pays respect to the victims, and expresses its deepest condolences to the victims’, families and friends. The Council also reaffirms that terrorism cannot and should not be associated with any religion, nationality, civilization or ethnic group. Recent terrorist attacks within the EU and further afield remind us that countering terrorism and preventing radicalization remain priority challenges to the EU and its citizens. The combination of home grown terrorists operating in networks; terrorists acting alone; foreign terrorist fighter returnees be they men, women or minors; attacks directed, encouraged or inspired by Da’esh and Al Qaeda; cyber related challenges; and the propagation of ideologies and beliefs that leads to radicalization and violent extremism, are parts of the evolving threat picture

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