coverCT-MORSE is pleased to present its latest publication entitled “Advancing CVE Research: The roles of Global and Regional Coordinating Bodies”. The report, prepared by the Global Center on Cooperative Security (GCCS) under the CT-MORSE framework, features an analysis of current and planned CVE research initiatives across the globe, reflecting perspectives for enhanced mutual engagement by the EU and other partners and assessing how various research initiatives on CVE are engaging among themselves. The document presents a set of concise, practical recommendations on how research efforts could be improved at the regional and global levels.
The analysis includes an extensive overview of current and planned research initiatives spotting key national and regional institutions, including academic and policy-focused centers, as well as networks or individuals conducting or developing relevant CVE-related research.

The recommendations section contains a call to the CVE community in general and to donors in particular to support regional and local research institutions and initiatives by strengthening institutional and technical capabilities, and to facilitate platforms for coordination. A call is also made to support a broader spectrum of voices in CVE research to ensure that contextual diversity is adequately reflected into CVE research, and to foster and support more national-level assessments of the drivers of violent extremism and radicalization.

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