The Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN) has been set up by the European Commission as an EU-wide umbrella network of practitioners and local actors involved in preventing and countering radicalisation. Within the RAN, different working groups have been created where participants exchange their experiences, knowledge and practices in different fields and areas relevant for tackling radicalisation. Participants include NGOs, representatives of different communities, think tanks, academia, law enforcement agencies, government representatives and consultancies.

Taking into consideration the latest trends and evolving patterns and means in radicalisation processes as well as the work undertaken by the RAN, the European Commission has adopted a Communication entitled “Preventing Radicalisation to terrorism and Violent Extremism: Strengthening the EU’s Response”, released in January 2014. You can download the report here.

Download presentations from the Plenary Meeting of the Radicalisation Awareness Network Prison and Probation, 11-12 December 2014 Rome.

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